A new ordering system using QR code

Save operating costs, improve service efficiency, and deepen customers

New ordering system utilizes QR codes.

Smart Order — Riding the wave of online and contactless delivery systems, we have adopted a new ordering system which utilises QR codes. (QR code ordering system)

Step of QO

Easy to use


01- Scan QR code from the table tent


02- Once the guest completes the payment, Receive order in Kitchen display system for preparing


03 -Waiters send the orders to the customers


04 -Guest can submit review after finish dining


05- Get feedback and review after guest finish dining


Digital Hotels

It is a smart and convenient way to make guests order room service more. Save them the trouble to search for the menu or to call on the phone. By QO they can easily scan the QR code, to look through the digital menu in a preferred language and to order directly. The order, its details and the number of room ordering are automatically received on the waiter’s mobile device or on the POS system. The guest receives a notification of the accepted order.

QO digital menu of full description and dish images is an excellent way to promote your main menu, specialties and traditional cuisine especially to foreigners. Your guests make their choice before even present in the restaurant.


Digital Restaurants

You are owner of a restaurant? Does it take much time for your client to get a menu, to make a choice and order from it? Not all menu items go with a high-quality image and a detailed description? You feel you are losing orders and you can do better? Quick Orders is the application giving you the best decision!

It’s all fast and easy with QO. The client scans the QR code located on the table and the digital menu loads on their phone. Depending on the mode you define, the client can use the application as a service calling system and/or for direct ordering. The waiter receives the order, accepts and uploads it in the POS system while the client gets a notification of the accepted order. Waiting and errors remain past. The service is faster and more accurate, the restaurant is generating more revenue and the clients are satisfied.


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  • Reduced Costs
  • Instead of paid for tablets for each room, Smart Order utilises QR codes to take orders from the guest’s personal mobile devices, lowering the cost by 99.8%.
  • Effective Upselling
  • With the high definition display, the items appear more enticing and well-organised, which makes them more attractive to customers, leading to an increase in sales.
  • Easily Updatable
  • Menu items can be added, edited, and deleted anytime and anywhere. These changes are then instantly reflected in the QR code’s Menu.
  • Convenience
  • The cloud-based dashboard monitors sales and display serving activities in realtime and can be easily accessed by the customers.
  • Improved efficiency
  • The system optimises the restaurant’s/retail’s operational efficiency by automating the ordering process. Reducing the hassle of communication with guest via phone call and the possibility of human error which can occur over calls.
  • Hygienic
  •  Patrons will be using their own phone instead of a shared tablet which reduces the possibility of contracting diseases and viruses which is especially important in our current times.

About SmartOrder

Smart Order—a new ordering system using QR code. The QR code will exist in the form of a sticker to be pasted on each table.

Without needing to download any mobile application, customers will scan the QR code with their own smartphone or tablet and they'll be directed into the restaurant's online menu. Diners can then proceed to send orders.